Friday, January 15, 2010

Aonang Goodwill Krabi

I was very impressed when I staying in Aonang Goodwill Hotel in Krabi. At first I really don;t expect much in a small hotel with 22 rooms and the rate is unbelievable low where other hotels are selling high season rates. We actually don't have much expectation before we arrive the place we got to stay.

We were so impressed with the excellent service by the hotel staff Sun. His service is so excellent and just like his name Sun - so shiny type and friendly. He's taking care of us so well and provided very useful information to during our trip.

The room itself is quite big as when add in an extra bed there are still lots of place to move around. The hotel environment is so clean and tidy, very comfortable to stay.

You can borrow the beach mat, water proof bag, umbrella and etc for Free. As long as you be a responsible person bring it back of what you've borrowed. At night, you can just buy some beers or junk food and chatting outside the hotel with not many people passing by. You might want to have some board games as well which you can borrow from them as well.

If you really like to have local Thai food, no need to walk so far. Just across the road there's something like 'mamak stall', very nice. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper is available at the opposite stall. have no worry of become hungry.

It's only 10-15 mins walking distance to the Aonang beach and along the way there are lots of shops that you can visit. won't feel the distant is long anyway.

One more thing is they provided very details and useful tour information guide in each of the room. You can find any information around Krabi completely from the guide.

We have a very pleasant stay in Aonang Goodwill Hotel, Krabi.

Thanks Sun for taking care of us so well and hope to come back again...

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