Monday, December 16, 2013

Sheraton Macao Hotel Cotai Central

At for this moment, Sheraton Macao Hotel is located at Cotai Central where the street will be built with major branded and famous hotel as Las Vegas. For sure, there is casino at the hotel lobby and it is so huge to have two wings that makes me walked a lot.

They provide free shuttle bus to some famous casinos nearby like Venetian, Ferry Terminals, Sands Macao and etc. It's very convenient to travel around Macao because they provides free shuttle bus so you can easily move around the city. There's a linked bridge to The Venetian which is very near and you can also walk to Hard Rock cafe.

It also linked to a Cotai Shopping Centre but mostly are the branded stuff like really branded over hundred thousands. So all I can do is window shopping and look for possible breakfast place other than McD. :D

Room is pretty as "Starwood Standard" and only complain I have is no in-room wi-fi because it's chargeable (even the cable internet is chargeable). But I always love to have super super King size bed even I can't full "utilized" by my own. I just like the way of free space to roll over the bed all by myself. Hahahaha....crazy lady!!!

If you are the tea lover, you can have the TWG tea at the lobby.
I saw people swimming during this winter time. Looks like they enjoyed winter swim.
The view from my room window overseeing The Venetian at night. Wow....isn't it beautiful just to sit at the window and looking at the lights of the city. Beautiful!!!!

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