Monday, April 30, 2012

Islands Hopping @ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

It's been long I have not been to the islands at Kota Kinabalu since my secondary school time. I missed the beaches of my hometown and this time I just got a little time to spend at Mamutik Island, Manukan Island and Sapi Island. However, I'm somehow dissappointed when the place is different compared to last time.

The recommended departing time is at the morning around 8am from Jesselton point jetty. The boat rate is cheaper than you departing from Sutera Harbour. Each snorkeling equipment can be rent @ RM 10 each. The recommended time back to town is around 3pm subject to weather change.

There are many water sports available at the islands. If you want to bargain cheaper rate, talk to the local people directly instead of asking from the counter at the island itself. I personally would love to stay at Manukan Island better than the other two.

If you like snorkeling and see the underwater, Manukan island is a better choice as you can see the fishes at the very swallow beach. The landscape at Sapi Island is deeper compared to the other two. There's trailwalk to the backside of the island and Manukan Island, however, it's more rocky instead of sandy beach.

You may want to experience the sea walking without getting yourself wet to the underwater world. It's quite expensive and allowa to to have about half hour time with est RM 250 per pax as per the guide.

I'm begging those who visits these islands, million please don't throw your rubbish to the sea or beach or even the rocky one. I feel so sad to see the rubbish at the rockies. Please stop polluting the mother nature.
RM 3 Entrance fees for all 3 islands.

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TRACE said...

let's hop island together next time!!!!!!!! ^^

Jocey said...

ok!ok! I wanna go there again...