Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Do you want an experience where you can eat in the toilet? Oh no! You must be kidding, eating in the toilet is so disgusting..... no way... But I think you will like this.

T-Bowl = Toilet Bowl located at 4th floor of Sg Wang. T-Bowl is a concept restaurant that decorated with the toilet equipment. It is quite a new concept in Malaysia and the idea is very fresh and attracted many youngster.

Guests are welcomed by having seat on top of the toilet bowl. There are many different designs of the toilet bowl covers and they are true toilet bowl. It is heavy to move in and out. There are standing toilet bowl as well as squatting bowl. Very creative.

The glass they use for drinks are in men standing toilet bowl as well as the cheese baked rice bowl. The shape of the ice cream is decorated like shit. But we are just too full and can't afford to fill in anymore into the stomach.

The food there mostly are like the Hong Kong Kopitiam style. Nothing much special but the price is quite reasonable. It is something like the Wong Kok Cha Chan Teng price and you can enjoy such unique environment. The cheese baked scallop is quite tasty and nicer than the hotel one. You may want to try it out.!/album.php?aid=195453&id=558657453&ref=mf

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