Sunday, April 22, 2012

Irreplacable Friendship

We are a group of friends knew each other since primary school. Ya! It's primary school and many people was surprised when we said we are having fun with primary school friends. Though we might meet each other only one or twice in occasion. Though our topic is repeatingly about our childhood fun at school. We still can talk non-stop while we meeting each other.

By this opportunity, we thank God for giving us the great chance to have a short trips to places like Malacca, Cameron Highlands, Ipoh and passby some other places. This is our first ever trip together since we graduated close to 20 years ago. How hard would this happened to either one of you nowadays?

This precious moment spent was so fun and amazing! The friendship of ours is easy to loose, is hard to keep, but is the most to appreciate for the lifetime. The relatiosnhip among us is irreplacable.

Cheers! This is truly Friendship Forever!!!!

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TRACE said...

truly irreplacable!!!