Monday, December 16, 2013

Restaurante Vinha

Portuguese meal is one of the cultural dish that you want to try at Macau. Compare to Malaysia, the Portuguese meal is so much different that they have mixed with the local culture's cooking style. I basically preferable with the Macau Portuguese Meal that are more likely to the Chinese taste.

Here is the Portuguese Restaurant in Macau that you can easily find and try. The decoration is culturally lovable with the European vineyard style. Ordering some wine together with the lovely tasty food, it's just an amazing time to spend with your friends and family here.

They have 2 branches that I know about Resturante Vinha. One is as the map provided below at the Macau town. Very convenient. Another one will be at the Fisherman Wharf main street.  Also few pages of the menu for your budget to spend at the restaurants. Of course there are more menu pages but I'm just can't place it all here.

You might want to have the Chef Recommended new dishes from time to time. If you dare to always TRY!!!

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