Friday, October 26, 2012

Oedolgae, Jeju Island 将军石

Here we come another war time historical attraction - The Oedolgae. It means the stone of General. There are people said this stone has different looks from different view of it. This is a place that the army used to be as the base of war. Oh ya! Not to forget to mention this is where the drama series "大长今" (The Great Jang-Geum)  took place.

The strategy of Japan during the war time is once the Army General died, the rest of the force unit will dissolve and not to find against the enemy anymore. The Korea army will continue to fight till death even the General has dead.

The look of this General Stone looks like a man shape from the enemy's direction opposite this. During the war time, the Korea's General has dead and he asked not to announce to the public. This news must kep secret from the enemy because form their point of view, there's always the watcher at this side which what they saw is the standing stone.

By having this man's look stone, the enemy at the opposite will not act rashly and this has buy them more time which is favorable to them. Hope that you will meet a tour guide that could tell you in every details if you are a historical person. I just think that to understand the background of an attractions will makes you have more fun during the visit. So, please do appreciate if your tour guide is able to tell you all the history knowledge.


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