Sunday, November 21, 2010

UK Farm - Kluang, Johor

Special cook lamb soup - Damn tasty!

Morning light of the day

Sign board you can see on the way driving towards the farm.

Etawah white goat imported from Indonesian. Heard it will bring good luck.

Sheep are running towards the green land.

Goat's milk ice-dream - smooth and delicious.

Goat's milk cheese cake with passion fruit. - Yummy!

Handsome horse - Let's be the Prince Charming!

I guess most of the people have heard about greenery farms in New Zealand and Australia, and UK Farm is the first in Malaysia. I never know about this place only when I get the chance as a freelance reporter.

UK Farm is located at Kluang, Johor and takes around 2.5 hours from Kuala Lumpur. This is an agro farm operated by the boss name Un Keng, that’s how the name of the farm came. This farm is very suitable for the school kids as field study where they can have zero distance with the sheep and the green land.

The boss jokingly said the main characteristics of a farm are the smells, flies and mosquitoes. Surprisingly there are no flies and mosquitoes even we slept in the long house with open air. The smell is only at the sheep’s place. The place is very clean and well maintained by the staff.

The most craving us are the food which is fresh baked and cooked every day. Goat’s milk is so smooth but I don’t use to it. Too bad! But I love the goat’s milk cheese cake with passion fruits, the goat’s milk sponge cake so soft like the cotton, the sweet and sour passion fruit pudding, lamb satay, lamb soup boiled with special ingredients and many more.

You won’t feel bored at night because you can sing karaoke and sometimes they do have special entertainment. If you want to make a wish, they have the wishing lantern that allows you to write your wish at the lantern. Then you can light it up and rise to the air like hot air balloon.

Here is a great place to enjoy the blue sky and green land. It is so nature…. simple….relax…..and freedom.

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