Saturday, November 2, 2013

Proboscis Monkey - Sandakan

So....I'm not a nature lover but I have not been to Sandakan since the last visit during my primary school and that time has no proboscis monkeys but only Orang Utan. Things happened during the visitation to the monkeys. Where I concentrating taking photos of the monkeys at the walkway bridge, there's one of them waiting at the platform and looks like he will catch on my anytime.

I was little bit freak out and don't know what to do other than stand still. It faced to just few feets away and I have no way out because the platform is obviously in front of and behind him. Phew!!! Lucky it just coming towards me but passed by me and jump to the tree. Oh....I was thinking is he going to attack me anytime.

And I found their sound is very funny....I couldn't make it here but you may want to pay them a visit. It's so hilarious. :D And I think they are camera shy too....

By the's the info...This proboscis monkey can be found at Labuk Bay, Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia. It's about half hour away from the town I guess....

Look at their faces,actions and the way they sit, so human like.

The pathway to the platforms are well built and you have no worry if you are not having hiking shoes. You can even go to visit them with any dress-up.

This is the one that I could take the close-up picture of the Proboscis Monkey.

This is specially amazing here they actually line up by themselves towards one of the platforms.

These two are the little one which I think is so cute...:P

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