Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tang Kuan Hill, Songkhla

Tang Kuan Hill is just a min away from Samila Beach. Basically it's a temple where people go for love luck wish I guess. There's 360 view of the Songkhla that you might enjoy. I saw people has got very nice sunset shot but sadly time is not allowing me doing that for this round. I think it is nice to have a sunset view on top of the hill.

Thank God there's lift to the hill top instead of climbing hundred over staircase in such warm weather. Else....just waiting you down here... :)

Waiting the arrival of the lift from the top. It tooks about 8 mins of waiting time.
Those who wish to lock their love, they can buy the love lock about THB 49 if not mistaken and lock it up here. The rack is heart shape too.
The light house.
 The heart shape ring is pretty nice to take picture. All kind of poses that you like to up to your own imagination. I took few and I like this the most. Others.....sorry not to show here... :P

There are many encouraging quotes sign boards here that you may find it useful in your daily life.
 The view from the top. 

Guess what is this? This is the lift 'rail way' to the hilltop. I was very confuse of this structure that the door and the tickets stated 'LIFT'. The inside structure and the track is looks more like tram. So...I really don't which to mention for the correct name. As long lifts me to the top. :)

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