Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Samila Beach, Golden Mermaid Hatyai

Samila Beach Hatyai is where you find the Golden Mermaid Statue on the sandy white beach. I red some articles with the believing of touching the Golden Mermaid will bring you love luck. The sun is high on the sky going by this noon time.
Apart from the landmark of the Golden Mermaid, I find this is rather a peaceful beach with the warm weather. There's no wave can be seen from the sea, the long strecth sandy beach is rather smooth, clean & clear beach with not many people, the earth line of the sky and ocean is straight..... Peaceful felt of place.
Initially we wanted to take tuk-tuk to come Samila Beach from HatYai town as the decriptions is about 20 mins. But I think the journey is taking about 30 mins at least where we went by hired car with driver. So I think we made the right choice of going with air-con verhicle instead of tuk-tuk.
I don't understand why the itinerary arrangement must come to this beach before others, coz it's super hot to come the beach at noon time. I guess this is the ordinary route by every guide & driver here.

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