Saturday, June 29, 2013

Centara Hotel Hatyai

Centara Hotel in Hatyai has a very strategic location at the center of the town.It's just opposite the Lee Garden Plaza and next to Central Shopping Mall. There are many shops around the area that selling cheap clothes, shoes, bags and etc but not so much of souvenir and it's unlikely a tourist place like the others.

Food is rather easy to find just opposite there's McDonald & Starbucks. Local food is also nearby where you need to ask direction from the people.

Hotel room is standard size with basic facilities. The most important for social media people like you, you can connect to in-room WiFi and get your trip updated during your stay at Centara Hotel. We don't really spent much time in the hotel because we are meant to be there to shop. I wish I would had a night time relaxed at their lounge with live band. Many business people are there for the night instead of shopping.

Standard Room with Twin Bed. But I was wondering why is the mirror placed beside the beds. This is bit unusual placement of mirror from my personal view. But overall is clean and comfortable.

Standard bathroom size provided with basic toiletries.

Swimming pool that oversea the opposite building and there's a lotus pond at the corner. What is that for? I have no idea but you can clearly sees the bees with the beautiful flower.

The Skylight Lounge with live band. There are quite numbers of guest are relaxing at the lounge during the night with some drinks and the accompany of live music. Unfortunately, I don't have much time to spend at the lounge and listen to it.

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