Saturday, June 29, 2013

Floating Market Hatyai

Floating Market is one of the famous attractive in Thailand. I always think floating market has the special culture colors that calling your heart for some cheap stuff. As many mentioned website and blogs, the food are real cheap around THB 20-35 and it can easily fill your stomach.

Not looking at the place looks like 'village style', but this is a very thoughtful market that provides you the facilities to enjoy the market stuff. You can buy all kind of food at the market and there's tables & benches prepared at the side. You can have your dinner there easily. There's ice bucket for you to refill which free. There's also all kind of seasoning stuff available at the side. Dear visitor, please also be considerate for other people that you throw the finished rubbish to the dustbin and let the next people to have a better place to eat.

The market is starting from 5pm-9pm accordingly and I think there are many people there before 5pm. This is just nice where the weather is not to warm like noon time and it's still bright to see stuff clearly.

The bridge to cross reaching the floating market.

This is the whole row of the floating boats before the bridge. Captured the sunset with this was just nice.

People are standing at the side to buy food.

Refill ice for free. This is very thoughtful provider.

All kind of seasoning available. For me? I still love the original taste.

1st round of food for 2 people: Somtam, Otak-otak and Fish cakes. The two clay glasses is only THB 20 each includes drinks. If you don't want to have it, you can request the drinks with paper cup. This is one of the most famous selling point at this floating market.

2nd round of food and we truly love the Thai fish cakes. So we bought it for second round too.  I will recommend you to try it for real.... Lovin' it!

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